• Yoni Arts & Crafts Workshop

    • Thank you for organizing last nights beautiful event Mama Maiz. not only did you provide us with a safe place to share our stories but you also planted a seed/watered a seedling of knowledge in our lives by sharing your beautiful “babies” with us (the plants you discussed with us). That, along with the connections we made with ourselves, the moon and one another are what made the Yoni arts and crafts night a treasure for all of us .. Love & light to you, and all the wombyn that attended..Jeannette


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    This workshop presents a sacred moment for you to connect with your body and to Coatlicue (our mother earth). The earth gives us life, in the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the medicine we take. It is essential when taking from the earth we do it only with respect and always give something back. That could be in the seeds we plant or the water we give to nourish the earth, also creating a relationship with the plants they will soon enough begin to communicate what they need. We come from the earth and keeping a connection is essential in creating a healthy way of living, physically and spiritually.

    This workshop will inform you on 3 herbs that can nourish your body. My intention is to inspire the idea of bringing herbs back into our daily routine while taking a moment to connect with our bodies using herbal medicine as our ancestors did. These 3 herbs focus on our center energy as womyn and we will take this moment to share our stories in a safe & sacred space. We will discuss any concerns or ask any questions we might have regarding our wombs along with other healing exercises. I hope with sharing my knowledge you will then feel empowered and create a better relationship with yourself and the earth.

    *Encourage you to keep groups small max10 women / women identified / queer gendered all are welcomed and  encouraged*






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