• Spring CSA Plantita Spirit Bundle

    Each month ypu will have the opportunity to connect with one plantita spirit.  We will first venture in a guided audio meditation and sit with the spirit of the medicine, this will come in the form of a flower essence. You will also be provided with an ounce of the dried plant material to make as a tea, I encourage you to create a ritual that calls to you when preparing the tea. This may look different each time depending on how you feel, sing a song, share your intention while preparing and sipping, sit in silence until you feel called to journal.  Document the way it made you feel, did any emotions come up? Were you connected to any memories?Did you notice a change in body temperature?  Do you feel relaxed or energized? Each experience will be one of their very own. I encourage you to listen to your body if you feel called to continue connecting with the plant on this personal level do so, also listen to your body when it expresses a disconnect to the plant, this may simply be that you don’t like the taste. I’ve had to come back to plants years or months later only to find that it was not my time to connect with the plant when i first initiated a start to this plant relationship. Patience is key!

    After we explore a special form of spirit medicine and tea you will also be provided with a bath soak, salve or massage oil to play with.

    Before the month ends ypu have the option of connecting via Skype to discuss our plant spirit journeys, what did we feel called to most out of the bundle and how are we inspired to incorporate this plant into our everyday.

    The energetic donation I’m asking for this bundle is $30 plus $6.99 shipping

    may your heart be filled with plantita love.


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